Bixbi Dog Brushers Dental Chew for Medium & Large Dogs

Bixbi Dog Brushers Dental Chew for Medium & Large Dogs

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Dog breaths got a bad name, but we're on a mission to clean up its reputation with BIXBI Dental Chews. The limited ingredient, natural treats are the easy way to fight plaque and tartar while promoting healthy teeth and gums keys to rehabilitating dog breath's stinky status.

Why We Love It

  • Unique Shape, Nubs, and Grooves Help Clean Teeth To The Gum Line
  • Easy To Break In Half, Two Sizes In One Chew
  • Easy To Digest With Only Natural Ingredients

About Bixbi

Real ingredients provide the taste pets crave so every product BIXBI produces is thoughtfully sourced, made with minimal processing and is rigorously tested for safety and quality. Our commitment is not to a boardroom. Our commitment is to your pet's health and wellbeing and we honor that commitment every day. There are easier ways to do things, that's for sure. But when BIXBI creates products, we don't look to simply make a pretty bag filled with whatever. We want to change the way people think about ingredients, processes and quality. Keep Sniffing!


Rice Flour, Navy Bean Flour, Vegetable Glycerin, Pea Protein, Gelatin, Sweet Potato Flour, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, Sunflower Seed Lecithin, Sunflower Oil, Buffered Vinegar