BARK Verne The Vulture Plush Dog Toy
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BARK Verne The Vulture Plush Dog Toy

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This vulture dog toy is getting a lot of great buzzard. Verne the Vulture is covered with long and strong hair instead of feathers which is probably why he can't fly so well. His wings are lined with crazy crinkle for noisy gnawing and they flap and flop for extra fun. Stuffed with fluff and three squeakers inside. Verne ensures that fun is always circling nearby. Long & Strong hair for dogs who love to shred. Crazy crinkle for a bite you can hear. Three squeakers because one isn't enough. Unleash dog joy with BARK! The dog-obsessed company from the creators of BarkBox. Our mission at BARK is simple to make dogs as happy as they make us. Thats why we don't just listen to our customers we hear their woofs yips and howls loud and clear in order to create exceptional products that are play tested and pup approved. Because great dogs deserve great toys and all dogs are great dogs.